Get your hair ready for summer!

Get your hair ready for summer!

The days are getting longer, spring has definitely sprung and summer is just around the corner. Summer is all about sun, beach and happiness – but your hair doesn’t feel quite so excited. Humidity, heat and dry wind can make your hair frizzy, weathered and dehydrated. Plus it is feeling dull, dry and lifeless after the cold winter months.

Now is a good time to your hair some special attention, to make sure its ready for the inevitable onslaught of saltwater and UV rays. Get your hair ready for the sunshine with tips from the No 11 team to restore your frazzled strands into healthy summer tresses ready for the sun.

Our top tips for great hair this summer…


Cutting hairHave a haircut

Trimming away dry winter ends can make a massive difference to how your hair looks and feels – and why not consider a completely new look for the summer. Check in with our stylists for a consultation and a cut – you can even book your appointment online!

Think colour

Get a new hair colour this summer to stay up to date with the latest trends and to brighten up your look. Your No 11 stylish can recommend colours and processes that will suit you and make your hairstyle look amazing.

Give your hair a pamper

Hair treatment to restore moistureWinter leaves your hair feeling dull and lifeless. A deep conditioning treatment can bring back the much-needed bounce to your hair. A little pamper is all that your hair needs this summer.

At No 11 The Salon we have a range of intensive and luxurious treatments that repair and pamper your hair. Our Kerasilk treatments penetrate the hair and create long-lasting new keratin bonds to re-shape the hair structure. The surface is smoothed and softened. The treatment takes an extra 15-30 minutes on your appointment time and costs £15.

Bond Pro treatments are preventative: when added to colour or bleach prevent any damage happening within the colour process. They can also be used as a standalone nourishing treatment on extremely damaged hair. Bond Pro+ strengthens the hair fibre, prevents breakage and protects hair from damage. The treatment takes an extra 15-20minutes on your appointment time and costs £15.

We’ve recently introduced a Dual Senses 60 second treatment which instantly makes your hair feel – and look – better. This nourishing care treatment provides a visibly enhanced shine and a smooth, silky hair feeling, only takes an extra 5 minutes on your appointment time and costs just £5.

Change shampoo and conditioner

Cold weather requires those of us with dry hair to use heavy conditioners and shampoos, whereas summer can make your scalp greasy. Switching to a lighter conditioner can help as products that work during winter may not work during summer.

The team at No 11 can recommend shampoo and conditioner to suit your hair type and condition from our range of professional KMS, Goldwell and Paul Mitchell products. All our shampoos and conditioners contain UV filters which protect from the sun and can help prevent colour change or lightening caused by the sun.

Eating a high protein and vegetable rich diet can improve your hair conditionFood for thought

It’s worth considering what you eat. Shiny and strong hair is a result of feeding your body the right nutrients and giving it plenty of water. A protein-rich diet can help make hair luscious and healthy. Including lean meats, fish and dairy products in your diet whilst reducing your intake of carbs and gluten-containing grains can improve your scalp condition.

Delicious fruits and vegetables provide your body with essential nutrients that not only improve your hair health and growth, but contribute to your overall energy and wellness.

Invest in hair products

Summer tends to make your hair frizzy and dehydrated, especially when in and out of the sea and pool on holiday. Investing in a leave-in serum and hair hydrating products which can be used after a shampoo can help.  Avoid putting oily products on your hair roots to avoid getting a greasy scalp.

The No 11 team can recommend products to suit your hair type and condition. For example, KMS Leave-in Conditioner provides instant detangling and moisture.

Girl wearing headscarf in the summerKeep it clean

You’re likely to need to wash your hair more frequently in summer than winter, as the humidity and heat can make your hair greasy. This also avoids scalp infections and dandruff.

Avoid heat

Keep use of hair dryers, curlers and straighteners to a minimum in summer. Embrace your natural texture and have fun with it. Wearing scarves and funky hair accessories will protect your hair from dust and pollution.


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