A few quick steps to party-ready hair!

A few quick steps to party-ready hair!

A few quick steps to party-ready hair!

Christmas is coming and the next few weeks are crammed with party potential! Here are our top tips on how to keep your hair looking fantastic throughout the festive season…

1. Book an appointment to sort out cut and colour

Your stylist will cut and style your hair to suit you, whilst checking the condition and recommending any products that will help over the winter months. Contact the salon today to make an appointment in advance of your festivities! Remember we are open late every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and you can book online too.

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2. Treat your hair

Nano Smooth professional treatmentOver styling can leave your hair looking dull and frazzled. Make your hair more manageable and improve its condition with Nano Keratin smoothing treatment. This two-hour treatment is packed with vitamins and essential oils, alleviates frizz and lasts three months. The formula is designed to deeply penetrate into the smallest fibres to activate the inner hair cortex and create a shield against environmental elements – including UV rays and other aggressors. Nano Keratin leaves locks smoother, conditioned and – most importantly – healthy from within.

Nano Keratin treatment is priced at £150 and includes after care shampoo and conditioner as a well as a free blow dry three days after treatment.

3. Eat well – what we eat affects our hair

Hair is made of protein so it is vital to eat enough meat, fish, dairy, eggs, soya and nuts to keep it looking healthy. Hair also needs biotin, found in eggs, fish and nuts, to keep the individual strands strong and less inclined to break. Omega-3 fats, found in oily fish, avocado and pumpkin seeds, also play an important role as they keep the hair shaft and scalp hydrated, which helps hair look healthier. If you suffer from any hair loss consider eating more iron-rich foods, such as red meat, lentils and leafy vegetables.

4. Plan your routine for the day of the party

If you’re planning an up-do for an evening Christmas party, the best time to wash your hair is that morning. The natural oils that will have built up in your hair throughout the day will make your hair more manageable and easier to work with than if you had freshly washed it straight before going out.

KMS Moist Repair - look after your party hairMake time to dry your hair in the morning rather than leaving your hair to dry naturally, which can make it much harder to style later for that party. If you really don’t have time to dry it before heading out, try loosely tying it in a big braid starting at the nape of your neck that can easily be reworked into a fancy up-do later that evening.

Protect your hair before you style it with KMS Moisture Repair Anti Breakage Spray.

5. Add volume

KMS volume liquid dustUsing volumiser on your roots and ends before blow-drying really helps to give your hair that much-loved extra bounce, especially if you have fine hair. It’s also great to use on damp hair that is being prepped for a fancy up-do as it helps it stay in place. If your hair is already pretty voluminous and tends to get frizzy as the day goes on, try using a straightening serum before blow-drying with a round brush to get it as sleek as possible.

Your No 11 stylist can recommend products that will suit your hair type. KMS Volume Liquid Dust is excellent.

KMS Tame Frizz6. The after party

When the party is over, remember to brush your hair out from the ends to the roots so you don’t damage your hair. For smoothing try KMS Tame Frizz Smoothing Lotion.

We hope you have a great time this Christmas!

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